The Government Freelance Exchange (GovFlex) is designed to enable government contractors and Government agency users (buyers) to quickly and easily search for talented service providers (freelance consultants or 1099s), put them to work, and manage and pay for service in 5 short steps. To save you time and money, we take care of the administrative work of invoices, non-disclosure and organizational conflict of interest agreements, and 1099 reporting. Once a service provider completes the work and it is accepted and paid by the buyer, we make sure the service provider is paid electronically within 2-3 business days.

*Non-Circumvention & Terms of Service

Buyers and Service Providers that register in the marketplace are subject to our non-circumvention policy which is explained in detail in the Terms of Service.

Step 1 - Post a Project

A GovFlex Project is used describe the help you need, the category of expertise, start and end dates and the specific deliverables for your task. By saving a project, the system automatically conducts an initial search based on the categories in your project and takes you to the next step in the process.

Step 2 - Search & Shortlist

Use the Expert Matching Engine to find the consultants you need. The system provides many search result filters like performance rating, cost, level of security clearance, or availability that allow users to rapidly sift through the results. Add consultants that have the experience you need to a shortlist.

Step 3 - Request A Quote

From the shortlist of consultants, users can can request a quote for services and communicate with the consultant. We recommend always getting at least 3 quotes from consultants before making a selection.

From the shortlist page, buyers can also request that consultants electronically sign a non-disclosure and/or an organizational conflict of interest agreement.

Step 4 - Engage Consultant

Project Owners must authorize a consultant to begin work by accepting their quote. Buyers must pay a processing fee to authorize the consultant to begin an engagement and the balance at the completion of the engagement. Customers with a Customer Success Package pay a 10% processing fee, others pay 15%.

Authorized Payer
If someone other than the Project Owner is authorized to make payment on behalf of the company, a request can be sent to the Authorized Payer for payment and authorization. An engagement can not begin until the processing fee has been paid.

Step 5 - Manage & Pay

Once the buyer "Accepts" the consultants completed work, an invoice is automatically generated to the buyer for the payment of consultant services. GovFlex will pay the consultant upon receipt of payment by the buyer.

Buyers pay for Customer Success Package's and Consulting Services using a credit card, ACH, or by eCheck.

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