A Project Owner can request that consultants under consideration electronically sign an Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) or Non-Disclosure agreement from the marketplace. If a consultant does not sign the OCI agreement, we recommend that you do not engage/hire the consultant for your opportunity.

How Does a Consultant Sign the OCI/NDA agreement?

After shortlisting at least 3 consultants, select the "Request OCI" and/or "Request NDA" button on the shortlist page. Shortlisted consultants will receive email notification to electronically sign the document. Once the consultant electronically signs the document, the Project Owner will be notified and the document will be stored in the legal documents folder for your records.

A Consultant was not found in My Search Results

To protect against inadvertent conflicts of interest, the system will automatically hide the profile of any consultant that it determines may have a conflict of interest. For example, Company A has a project that is working on a proposal response and has hired consultant Jane Smith who has signed an OCI. GovFlex will not allow Company B to engage Jane to work on their proposal response.

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