Authorized Payer (AP) Role

The role of Authorized Payer is the only user account that is authorized on behalf of the company, to pay invoices in the system and to authorize a consultant to begin an engagement. In order to become an AP, a registered company user must do the following:

  1. Acknowledge the authority to commit the company to pay invoices;
  2. Pay the required processing fee for an engagement using one of the payment methods (ACH, CC, eCheck).

Project Owner (PO) Role

User accounts with the role of Project Owner have the ability to create, edit, and manage projects. Project Owners can not approve a consultant to begin an engagement until an Authorized Payer has authorized the engagement.

Company User (AU) Role

User accounts with the role of Account User can view projects in the system.

Company Administrator Role

An Administrator in the system can add/delete users and set roles for each user.


Account user's can have more than one role in the system.

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