To Create a New Project

The first step in the process of searching for expertise in GovFlex is Posting a Project. From the Dashboard page, select the "Post A Project" button.

A Project is the place where you describe what you need help with from a service provider. The project summary can contain the specific requirements of a Request For Proposal (RFP), solicitation, or just text describing what you need accomplished. You can also provide specific keywords like "cyber security", "agile development", "litigation", "cost and pricing", or "technical writer" to narrow your results.

Additionally, the project owner can determine if the project is private (company information is hidden from consultant) or public, and if the consultant is required to work on site. Be sure to indicate the solicitation number if a project is associated with a government contract or request for proposal (RFP). 

Project Exposure

When a project is saved, the Expert Matching Engine will automatically search for service providers with expertise that matches the criteria you specified. If you choose the "Targeted" option, matching service providers will automatically be notified of your project. Choose the "None" option if you prefer to browse and select the matching service providers from a list of search results.

Search Results

From the search results page, you can sort and filter results, add service providers to a shortlist, or click the "Invite to Quote" button to request a quote for services. We recommend requesting at least 3 quotes for CPSR compliance. Also, be sure to select the "Apply Filters" button to apply your filter settings to the results. Use the "Clear All" button to delete all filters. 

Work Engagements

To create a work engagement with a service provider, you must first request and accept a quote. The quote request includes the quote deadline, the delivery dates for services and any deadlines for deliverables. For example, if the requirement is to develop a compliance matrix by Nov 30, this information would be found in the quote request as shown in the example above. Also, users can attach any documentation that may be helpful for the service provider to understand the scope of the project requirement.

To request execution of an NDA or OCI agreement before the consultant can review your request for quote, check the "NDA" and/or "OCI" checkbox.

Note: A service provider can not begin a work engagement until you accept their quote and authorize them to begin work.

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