What is a Consultant Profile?

Consultant and Consultant Company profiles contain detailed information about consultants skills and experience with government programs and agencies, their cost, availability, references, certifications, and level of security clearance.

Profiles also include the consultant's performance rating on our 5-point star rating system (1 star is not so good, 5 is a "rock star"). Consultants can not rate themselves in the system. After each engagement, customers complete a performance survey which automatically calculates the average of all customer ratings to provide an overall performance star rating for each consultant.

When consultants provide them, profiles also include resumes in the "Documents" tab. Keyword searches also include searching any profile documents. When a keyword matches content found in a profile document (ie. resume), the matching document will be highlighted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the consultants in the marketplace employees of GovFlex? 

No. The consultants in the marketplace are professional, vetted, independent contractors that set their rates and choose which engagements they work.

Do you track who holds a security clearance? 

The profile has a field where consultants can indicate the level of security clearance and its status. We do not presently hold security clearances for consultants.

Can I hire a consultant in the marketplace as an W2 Employee?

 Yes. We allow companies to hire consultants from the marketplace for a fee.

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