A Consultant Engagement in the marketplace is when a company agrees to hire a consultant to perform services where both company and consultant have agreed to the work requirements, timeline, deliverables, and cost.

A project can contain one task or many, to define the work requirements. There can also be different consultants assigned to each task in a project. When a Project Owner agrees to engage a consultant, a Consultant Engagement is started and ends when the consultant completes the scope of work defined.

We charge a 15% fee to process each engagement. For an additional fee, company can pay invoices using terms of Net 15, 30, or 60 days. The fee must be paid by a company Authorized Payer before a consultant can begin the work. The fee can be paid with a Credit Card, ACH, or eCheck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we interview the consultant before hiring? Sure. There is online messaging or you can reach out to the consultant to coordinate a phone or in person interview.

If we are not happy with the consultant, how is this handled? We encourage the company and consultant to discuss the progress of work engagements. If the company is not satisfied with the work, they should terminate the engagement. As stated in our TOS, because the consultants are not employees, we do not resolve any work performance issues that may arise between company and consultant.

What if we want the consultant to work at our office? If acceptable by the consultant, then yes, this is allowed.

Who do I get an invoice from? The system will automatically generate an electronic invoice from GPSI to the company for project engagements. The invoice will itemize the cost of all completed consultant engagements and fees.

Who handles the 1099? Because we pay the consultants, we are responsible for preparing the 1099 Misc forms for each consultant at the end of the year.

Can I use my company's NDA or do I have to use yours? The GovFlex NDA is quite comprehensive, but yes, you can use your own company NDA.

We have an in-house interview survey can we have the consultant complete that survey? Yes.

We would like to do a one day test for technical writers, how is that handled? When you create a project, you have the option to attach any document you like - including a one day test. You can also communicate directly with the candidate consultant by email or phone to discuss your requirements. It is important to adhere to the non-circumvention rules detailed in our TOS.

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