Your Organization Is a Government Contractor

If you are an organization that is registered in the U.S. Government's System for Award Management (SAM) database, you can create a GovFlex account for free and start searching for independent experts and consultant companies to engage today. For more information about GovFlex, visit the website or review the articles in our Help Center.

Independent Experts and Consultant Companies

Independent experts and Consultant Companies can signup and complete a profile in GovFlex for free in minutes. Once a profile is completed to 80%, it automatically becomes accessible to companies and agencies searching for freelancers to help with opportunities that range from subject-matter expertise, cost and pricing, proposals, to legal compliance and governance.

Your Organization is a Government Agency

Government agencies can use the GovFlex platform to match and hire independent consultants or consultant companies. Contact us at and we will setup your account on your behalf. All government agency users require a .mil or .gov email address to participate in the GovFlex marketplace.

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