The Original Vision

In 2015, Government Proposal Solutions, Inc. (GPSI) initiated a pilot test of the first talent marketplace focused on matching government contractors and agencies with independent experts Our original vision was limited to providing a fast and easy-to-use platform for government contractors to connect with business development and proposal consultants with expertise in federal agencies.

Transition to Broad Public Sector Focus

We learned very quickly that demand in the public sector marketplace far exceeded proposal solution providers and extended across the entire acquisition life cycle. As a result, the vision of matching our customers with the best independent experts has not changed – It’s been expanded! Government contractors and agencies can now use the improved platform to support any activity that supports public sector missions.

The Government Freelance Exchange (GovFlex)

GovFlex was established to meet the increasing needs of government contractors and agencies to rapidly identify and select the independent experts and professionals they need. In addition, GovFlex provides an improved professional platform for freelance consultants and subject matter experts to highlight their qualifications and streamline the process of independently doing business. GovFlex customers and executives discuss the GovFlex advantage in this short video.

Companies like CSRA, Erickson Aviation, G2SF, Unisys, Xerox and many others have access to high-demand talent through the original marketplace. The new and improved Government Freelance Exchange (GovFlex) platform improves access, and also addresses updates in technology, improved methods to enhance ease-of-use, and includes several new features suggested by users. Existing users can review the Get Started Quickly Guide. Here are some of the key highlights:

  1. We’ve expanded our focus: Our customers and the broader marketplace told us they are seeking expertise across the board. As a result we have increased our focus to include a wide range of specialties. For example DCAA audit, DCMA Contractor Purchasing Systems Reviews, contract administration, compliance, corporate strategy, legal matters; facilities security, the management of clearances and many more.
  2. Improve Industry Marketing. The original GovProp introduced a new and disruptive business model in the public sector. However we learned that new ideas are not always readily understood, and that we needed to do a better job to convey the rapidly developing e-Commerce marketplace firmly entrenched in the commercial sector, but not yet fully introduced to the public sector. The feedback from users and visitors noted the website did not adequately describe the purpose of the platform or its value proposition to visitors. The release of the new GovFlex platform includes a complete overhaul of the marketing website and brand with an emphasis on value.
  3. Payment Options. Our government contractor client base encouraged us to find a way to introduce options for flexibility with regard to invoice payments. We listened and now provide alternative methods to handle payments. The new GovFlex platform eliminates the escrow payment at the start of an engagement and instead, only requires payment of a 10% processing fee to begin an engagement. Upon completion and acceptance of the consultants’ work, clients are invoiced for the cost of the consultant engagement. Eligible companies are also offered the additional flexibility of term payments (Net 15,30, 60 days) for an additional fee.
  4. Enhanced Customer Support. Many of our customers have praised the support received from our customer success and engagement managers and asked for support. Over a period of time, customers reported the GovProp customer team increased confidence in their matches. To help customers tackle increasingly complex projects, we have introduced three Virtual Support Plans: Essential ($1,995), Professional ($3,595), and Enterprise ($8,995). Each plan offers support for crafting Statements of Work (SOWs), scoping out deliverables, and defining your needs to ensure the best possible match and a successful outcome for the contractors, government agencies, and freelancing experts. 
  5. Online HelpCenter. To improve customer service, we also introduced a bot-based artificial-intelligence online help center available 24 hours a day for users to ask questions interactively or browse instructional information and tutorials on how to leverage the GovFlex platform to meet public sector mission requirements.
  6. Change in the Payment Processing Fee. Starting in May 2018, contractors will pay a sliding service fee that’s designed to reward repeat relationships and more fairly cover casual users, which are more expensive for GovFlex to support. Because you told us that you prefer assistance from our customer support teams, we have also eliminated the annual subscription. Customers who prefer no long-term contract can use GovFlex in accordance with the Terms of Service for free, but pay a 15% transaction fee. However, customers who purchase a customer support plan will continue to enjoy a 10% payment processing fee. Repeat projects enables us to more efficiently provide support on complex projects, and we want to pass those cost savings back to our users.

You’ll pay:

• Free Users: 15% processing fee for all transactions
• All Other Users: 10% processing fee for all transactions

Welcome to your new and improved GovFlex, we are here to help you meet your local and national public sector priorities.

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