At the completion of an engagement, GovFlex bills the customer for your services. Once GovFlex has been paid by the customer, you are paid. In most cases, provided you have completed your bank account information, you will receive payment within 2-5 business days. Not providing your bank account information will cause delays with payment.

The Engagement Process Explained

Request for Quote (RFQ)

GovFlex customers that engage you for work must first send a Request for Quote that provides details on the timing, milestones, and scope of support they require. Sometimes due to competitive sensitivity, customers will not reveal the organization name or details of the requirement until you have electronically signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and/or an Organizational Conflict of Interest that is attached to their RFQ. You will find these requests on your dashboard by clicking the "RFQ Invites" tile. You can also receive notification via email or txt message.

Approval to Start

After your evaluation of the requirements, you provide a quote for the work. How much you quote for a task is entirely up to you. Please note, customers typically request at least three quotes. If your quote is accepted by a GovFlex customer, you will receive an "Approval to Start Work". The approval to start work indicates the customer has reviewed your quote and has accepted legal obligation for payment upon completion and acceptance of the work. To see your approvals, click the "Engagements" tile on your dashboard. We recommend that you do not begin work until you receive this approval.

Completed Work

In GovFlex, go to the Engagements tile and select an engagement. Indicate the work has been completed by filling in the amount for fixed-price work, or the "Hours Completed" field for hourly engagements. Select the "Submit" button to notify the customer of completion.

Once you indicate the work for the engagement has been completed, the customer will be notified to review the work. If there are no questions or adjustments, the customer will accept your work. Upon acceptance of the work, GovFlex generates an invoice to the customer and generates an invoice from you to GovFlex for your records. Once GovFlex is in receipt of payment, funds are electronically transferred to your bank account.

That's it! GovFlex takes care of your invoices, the client invoices, and if you bill over $600 by the end of the year, we will also generate a 1099 for your tax reporting!

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