References are extremely important, here's why. 3rd-Party references complete a brief survey about your work performance to create a performance rating or score in GovFlex. Companies rely in part on the performance rating to engage the top-performing consultants. The better your performance scores and verification level, the more likely clients will ask for your services.

How Do I Add A Reference?

In your profile, there is a section titled References. In this section, you can provide the name and email address of people with whom you have worked. These individuals will receive an email request to complete the following brief survey on your behalf:

After you complete an engagement through GovFlex, the client also has an option to complete the survey about your performance. This rating will become part of your profile.

What are the Verification Levels?

We encourage consultants in the marketplace to request referrals from clients and others with whom they have worked or who are familiar with their work. Consultants who have received at least 3 referrals achieve the level "Silver Verified", at least 7 referrals achieve the level "Gold Verified", and 10 or more referrals is considered the best, "Platinum Verified".

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