The independent workforce is growing by leaps and bounds daily. There are many platforms available but the Government Freelance Exchange "GovFlex" is the first platform designed specifically for independent workers that seek to sell their expertise to government contractors and agency buyers.

How does it work? Here is our 10-Step process explained:

  1. Sign Up:   Professional independent workers join the GovFlex marketplace simply by signing up with a verifiable email address and bank account (for receipt of funds), and agreement with the GovFlex Terms of Service.
  2. Complete Your Profile:  Complete your profile to at least 80% and attach your resume. Once the profile is completed to at least 80%, it automatically becomes accessible to every client company and agency in the GovFlex marketplace.
  3. Add References:  Add 3rd-party references to your profile. It is very important to invite people who are familiar with your work to complete a short reference survey. GovFlex generates a performance rating for all consultants based on survey responses. Consultants with the highest rating appear at the top of the list for clients searching the marketplace.
  4. Expert Match: Clients post projects that detail their requirements and the type of expertise they seek. The GovFlex Expert Matching Engine performs a match against consultant profiles and client opportunities. Clients choose which project opportunities to broadcast to independent workers in GovFlex.
  5. Client Invite to Quote:  When the information in your profile matches a requirement, the client can invite you to provide a quote for the opportunity. Quotes include the project requirements. You will receive an email notification anytime a customer has sent a message or an invite to quote. The notifications also appear on your Dashboard in GovFlex. Some client quote invitations will require that you digitally sign a non-disclosure agreement and/or an organizational conflict of interest statement before you can review the opportunity.
  6. Provide a Timely Quote:  After reviewing a quote invitation, you have the option to send a quote or ask the client questions before you quote. The quote invitations have deadlines so pay particular attention to the quote expiration date.
  7. Quote Acceptance:  Once a client accepts your quote, GovFlex charges the client a processing fee, and notifies you to begin work. You are now working on a project engagement in GovFlex.
  8. Complete The Work:  When you complete the work, go to the Engagements area and indicate the amount for fixed-price tasks, hours completed for hourly tasks, and any expenses incurred on the engagement. Hit the submit work button.
  9. Work Accepted:  When the client accepts your completed work, GovFlex sends an invoice to the client. GovFlex also automatically generates an invoice from you to GovFlex for your records.
  10. Invoice & Payment:  Once GovFlex is in receipt of payment from the client, we wire the funds directly to your bank account. Typically, you receive payment in your account within 2-3 business days.

The GovFlex Relationship between Parties

The Terms of Service details the guidelines for using the GovFlex Platform legally and appropriately. It is important to understand the guidelines and in particular, the non-circumvention rules.

Non-Circumvention Rules

By agreeing to the Terms of Service, users of the GovFlex System acknowledge and agree that a substantial portion of the compensation GovFlex receives for making the Platform available to you is collected through our payment-processing fee. GovFlex only receives this Payment Processing Fee when a government contractor or government agency and an Independent Worker pay and receive payment through the Platform.

Therefore, for 24 months from the time you identify or are identified by any party through the Platform (the “Non-Circumvention Period”), you must use the Platform as your exclusive method to request, make, and receive all payments for work directly or indirectly with that party or arising out of your relationship with that party (the “GovFlex Relationship”).

Circumvention is a violation of our software licensing agreement under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) and the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) and all violations will be reported in accordance with regulations of the Department of Defense and other federal agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the consultants in the marketplace employees of GovFlex? 

No. The consultants in the marketplace are professional, vetted, independent contractors that set their rates and choose which engagements they work.

Do you track who holds a security clearance? 

The profile has a field where consultants can indicate the level of security clearance.

When do I get paid in the marketplace?

Once GovFlex is in receipt of payment from the client, independent workers with verified banking information receive payment within 2-3 business days. It is important that you provide your bank information well before you start an engagement because it takes at least two days to verify the bank information. 

Can I work as a W2 Employee for a company that contacts me through GovFlex?

 Yes. We allow companies to hire consultants from the marketplace for a fee.

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