GovFlex Generates and Submits Invoices Automatically

There is no need to send an invoice for work completed in GovFlex. When work is completed on an engagement, simply log in to GovFlex and select the "Engagements" tile. In the Engagements page, indicate the hours or amount of work completed, any approved expenses, and click the orange "Submit" button.

Invoice Generation

Once the submit button is selected, two invoices are generated, one from GovFlex to the client for payment of the balance due, and a second from the consultant to GovFlex. Once GovFlex is in receipt of payment, consultants can expect payment via ACH directly to their registered bank account within 2-5 business days.

Bank Account Information is Required

GovFlex does not send paper checks. Consultant invoices are paid via ACH usually between 2-5 business days after receipt of payment by clients. In order to process payments, consultants must add their bank account information. It generally takes 2 business days to verify banking information so it is important to provide this information before completing an engagement to avoid payment delays.

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