In GovFlex, companies and agencies are the buyers of services, and consultants and consultant companies are the sellers of services. Projects are created to define the services that companies and agencies seek.

Project owners can choose different levels of exposure for their project when it is created. There are two options in the "Post a Project" form that control how service providers are notified about your project:

Exposure Option 1: Targeted

Choosing this option will generate a search for all consultant profiles matching your keywords and automatically notify them via email. Use this option with caution as it could generate more inquiries than you desire. The most effective way to use this feature is to enter at least 3 keywords related to your interests and select the "All" keywords toggle. This will result in a highly specific result set. For example, "technical writer", "Navy", "Shipley" will present the profiles of providers where all 3 of the keywords were found in their profiles.

Exposure Option 2: None (recommended)

This option will generate a search for all consultant profiles matching your keywords. The results of your search will appear in a list once you publish your project. You can then browse the list and select the provider you would like to engage, request a quote, or send a message.

Visibility - Privacy Mode

Privacy mode can be used to conceal your company information until you accept a quote from a service provider. We found that sometimes providers increase their quote when they are familiar with a particular company or agency.

In order to "Publish" a new project, all required fields (indicated with an asterisk) must be completed.

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